Dark Sky Friendly Slopes

Researchers are finding that lighting options that are good for safety on a the slopes is also good for wildlife and energy conservation.

No Rest for the Weary

Young man in beekeeper gear next to open hive with and insert image of a young woman in beekeeper gear

Even bees need to rest and they rely on darkness to signal the end of the day and their return to the hive.

Coding for a Dark Sky – A Summer with GLAS

Young man in front of a large monitor. He is pointing to a a dip on a large graph

The goal of the GLDS initiative is to raise awareness and educate the community about the hazards of light pollution. Putting tools to measure the darkness of the sky is the goal of Lakeshore Environment and Night Sky Sensor.

There’s More To The Dark Than Meets The Eye

Yerkes Observatory Painting at Night

Recently, four high school students, Edward Byrd, Melynna Arreola-Quiroga, Jack Adams, and Victoria Zaraza, presented their data on the effects of light pollution along with suggestions about how to light homes and streets without infringing on the nighttime sky.

Light Pollution and Starlink Satellite Constellations

Sky background with a line of bright dots of light on a diagnol from left center to lower right

Did you know that satellites contribute to light pollution? In the last year, you may have looked up at night before and seen a train of moving lights spanning the width of the sky. These are SpaceX’s Starlink Satellites. The Starlink Satellites are a developing satellite network system with the goal of making the internet […]

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