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League of Legends

League of Legends

League of Legends is MOBA (many battle battle online) where two teams of five players fight to destroy enemy bases like DotA. Offering free combination of RPG and high risk strategy of action,League of Legends (LoL in Summary) can offer fun and deep games, and of course many online multiplayer online fans.

Real point points for MOBA games

Compared to known competitors such as Smiteat DotA 2, the Legends League has achievedA benchmark for MOBA with almost 40 million players per month. The best thing about LoL is the power of the game, which requires a quick response, do not forget the strategic depth.

The famous LoL game mode (5 or 5 for basic enemy control)Provide the game in about 40 minutes, which should be played in the sitting situation, making the game center out of your team, who has given up.

Fortunately, there are many other game modes if you do not have time for long battle:You can do 3 out of 3 or 5 na5 fighting characters with character and play against bots ruled by intelligence artificial. LoL offers a lot of different games with continuous development: developers are constantly adding new game modes and new features,So the player can not lose interest.

The game is easy to achieve

Due to the fact that the League of Technologies has begun, his programmers have been able to make the game accessible to beginners (complicated tasks for the game.MOBA). Thanks to the many training on artificial intelligence and the system that keeps you with other players with similar skill levels, the experience has improved significantly from the start.

RememberLoL is quite difficult, and the early part of the game is often frustrating. You need energy through these steps if you want to be a good player and get all of it the benefits of playing for a long time.

Like the gameMOBA, League of Legends suffers from serious defects: it’s a game that communicates is important. Unfortunately, some players have it, you can pick him as soon as he becomes a little disappointed.

Therefore,It is not uncommon to see persecution through dialogue, with a bad social behavior. It’s sad that it sometimes can ruin the experience of the game. Do not hesitate to play with your friends or close the conversation for the game in silence!

Remember the same as all online competitions,League of Legends has a great value on the surface of the game: Even if you do not invest money in the game, it’s possible to compete with other players. Fair play strategies often work well because games are often refurbished to avoid overloading the game.My complaint is just about the runes system, because the more rewarded your heroes are stronger, they should not be in the prize game for free.

Average picture, but continuous change

Released in the year2009, the technology mark does not suit the current standard of gaming in the image. The font style is gone, for example, the scene. Unfortunately, unfortunately, programmers are working on improving font design and making them more attractive,Although there are disappointing images (especially the international design of female characters), everything seems to work well and is interesting.

You will notice that the content of the game has been updated frequently** For programmers who change font, text, text and sound patterns to make game changes over time.

Online game is classic

Legends of legends are classic. Thanks to the team’s integration system that incorporates the strategy and play the same role,This program has a very interesting and experienced experience, which you can enjoy due to its rich gameplay.

Legends of meaning are successes (more technically complex than DotA2, but easy to get) and regularly updated on content. But keep in mind that even if it’s free, you can still pay a lot of money from your pocket if you want to get the paid price (systemrough runes).

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