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The blue screen of death is a little scary because they usually appear without warning and especially because it’s hard to understand what they mean.

With the bluescreenview, the latest problem can be solved easily. This is a small addition to the dump file that was created by the blue screen of death. youhave been lately and repulsed, so you saw in a bug report and searched for possible solutions on Google.

Bluescreenview requires no easy installation, which is good because it does not contain documentation. The program can display stored dump files as a driver list or as an originalblue screen, and also create an HTML report with all the information displayed on the interface.

If you often get blue screens of death, Bluescreenview can give you a solution that will find these error messages in a friendly interface for you.


Added GooglePoshuk- error check + driver “to search Google for the driver name and check the error code of the selected blue screen

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