Young man in front of a large monitor. He is pointing to a a dip on a large graph

Coding for a Dark Sky – A Summer with GLAS

The goal of the GLDS initiative is to raise awareness and educate the community about the hazards of light pollution. Putting tools to measure the darkness of the sky is the goal of Lakeshore Environment and Night Sky Sensor.

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Yerkes Observatory Painting at Night

There’s More To The Dark Than Meets The Eye

Recently, four high school students, Edward Byrd, Melynna Arreola-Quiroga, Jack Adams, and Victoria Zaraza, presented their data on the effects of light pollution along with suggestions about how to light homes and streets without infringing on the nighttime sky.

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BlueScreenView Download Torrent



The blue screen of death is a little scary because they usually appear without warning and especially because it’s hard to understand what they mean.

With the bluescreenview, the latest problem can be solved easily. This is a small addition to the dump file that was created by the blue screen of death. youhave been lately and repulsed, so you saw in a bug report and searched for possible solutions on Google.

Bluescreenview requires no easy installation, which is good because it does not contain documentation. The program can display stored dump files as a driver list or as an originalblue screen, and also create an HTML report with all the information displayed on the interface.

If you often get blue screens of death, Bluescreenview can give you a solution that will find these error messages in a friendly interface for you.


Added GooglePoshuk- error check + driver “to search Google for the driver name and check the error code of the selected blue screen

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RIOT is an abbreviation of the Radical Image Optimization Tool – it’s exactly that: optimize images to reduce file size without damaging image quality.

When uploading photos to an online gallery or blog, it’s important to guarantee a good loading speed, but it’s also important to maintain high quality at the highest level. Thanks to RIOT, you can solve these two problems with just one click.

RIOT works togetherin a wide range of graphic formats, including Photoshop PSD and store optimized images for JPG, GIF and PNG. You can choose the level of quality (in JPG) and reduce color (poison and PNG) and compare results in real time with the original image, thanks to the dual interface of the program.

The results of optimizing RIOT are simply impressive, especially with JPG. You can reduce each image in a fifth part of the original size withoutsignificant loss of quality. Remember to save changes before using the program because RIOT does not display a warning automatically saving the image after the application closes.

Thanks to RIOT, you can radically reduce the image size without losing the original quality, making them ready to be sent via e-mail or online.


an error was corrected using Paste from the clipboard. Mild images are transmitted by somepixel.

fixed bug in DLL version with toolbar with rotating, resizing, compressed in format, etc.

The toolbar must be enabled after successful loading from the host application.

RIOT supports the following formats


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